Let's start our game!

The idea of ​​gamification in the Bravomy e-learning platform aims to create an attractive, interactive and child-friendly educational space that supports the learning process in the field of a healthy lifestyle. The key goal of this gamification is:

Motivation to learn: Gamification aims to motivate students from grades 4, 5 and 6 of primary school to actively participate in the educational process related to the topic of a healthy lifestyle, including eating habits, health awareness and the benefits of physical activity. Points and prizes provide an incentive to further develop knowledge.

Engaging students: By introducing elements of competition, achievements and rewards, the platform becomes a place where learning becomes interactive and enjoyable. Students can compete with each other, which adds an element of excitement and fun to the learning process.

Progress monitoring: Thanks to the system of awarding points for various actions, teachers and students can monitor learning progress. Students see how much they have already achieved and what goals still lie ahead of them, which can motivate them to continue being active.

Interdisciplinary education: The Bravomy platform integrates knowledge from various fields, such as science, health, nutrition, physical activity, which supports interdisciplinary education.

Gamification points are awarded for various actions, such as registering, completing a course, passing a quiz, or participating in discussions. Rewards such as badges and certificates provide additional incentive to continue learning. The ultimate goal of gamification in the Bravomy platform is to increase students’ knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and develop their ability to learn independently in these areas.

Dear students!

We have an amazing opportunity for you that will make learning not only interesting, but also full of emotions and challenges! We would like to invite you to actively participate in the challenges presented on our Bravomy e-learning platform, where a healthy lifestyle becomes a fascinating topic.

As part of our project, we would like to offer you something more than ordinary lessons. We want learning to be an adventure and a healthy lifestyle to become a passion for you. Gamification on the Bravomy platform is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the topic of healthy eating, physical activity and general well-being.

Our goals are clear:

We want to inspire you to actively participate in the process of learning about a healthy lifestyle. Together we will discover the secrets of healthy eating habits, health awareness and the benefits of physical activity.

By introducing competition, achievements and prizes, we have created a space where learning becomes exciting and enjoyable. Now you can compete with your peers and add a bit of competition to the learning process.

Thanks to our scoring system for various actions, both teachers and students will be able to track their learning progress. By looking at your achievements, you will be motivated to continue developing and exploring new knowledge. You can compete individually and between classes. May the best win!

Our platform integrates knowledge from various fields, such as science, health, nutrition, and physical activity. You will discover how many areas of life are interconnected and how a healthy lifestyle affects your well-being.

Remember that earning points in our gamification is just the beginning. Be active, have fun learning and gain knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. We are convinced that together we can achieve amazing results and increase the level of your knowledge, thanks to which you will be able to live well and healthily.

We are waiting for you on the Bravomy platform, where a healthy lifestyle becomes a fascinating challenge!

We’re starting soon, so get ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of a healthy lifestyle.

Dear teacher!

Encourage students to participate in gamification using the following methods

  1. Clarify the goals: First, before introducing students to gamification, carefully explain the goals and benefits of participating in this innovative form of learning. Post the above introduction on the bulletin board or share with students as background information.
  2. Describe rewards: Use attractive rewards designed in the platform that students will be able to earn through gamification. There are certificates, badges or points that translate into success on the educational path. You can add an additional dimension to gamification by planning physical rewards, in the form of printouts, a ceremonial award ceremony or awarding medals to the best students or classes. 
  3. Encourage competition: Introduce the spirit of competition, but balance it with the spirit of fair play. Encourage students to compete with themselves and others, but emphasize that participation and learning are most important. Encourage students to support each other’s efforts and share their achievements with each other.
  4. Offer flexibility: Give students the opportunity to choose whether they want to participate in gamification and to what extent. Let it be voluntary and tailored to their preferences. Don’t punish with bad grades and minuses. The best way to encourage student participation is to support students’ intrinsic motivation.
  5. Prepare a variety of challenges: Create a variety of challenges and activities that encourage students to actively participate. Make sure they are tailored to the students’ level of difficulty and interests.
  6. Monitor progress: Create a progress tracking system that allows teachers and students to monitor achievement. Provide students with tools to assess their performance and goals to achieve. In the platform, students’ progress and unlocked levels are visible in the student profile as well as on the group board.
  7. Be open to suggestions: Listen to students’ feedback and be willing to adapt gamification based on their ideas and suggestions.
  8. Emphasize the value of education: At each stage of gamification, emphasize that the goal is not only to compete, but also to acquire knowledge and develop skills related to a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Create a positive atmosphere: Encourage cooperation and support between students. Create a positive atmosphere in which learning becomes pleasure.
  10. Encourage curiosity: Provide questions, activities, and challenges that spark students’ curiosity and encourage them to further explore healthy lifestyles. You will find many ideas for questions and tasks in the lesson plans.

Sample gamification scenario

To make working with students easier, we have created an example gamification scenario that can be freely adapted to the age of the students and the topic of the classes. Use a ready-made scenario or create your own game rules and be creative.

Carrot Group:

Zosia Rzeżucha
Hania Jarmuż
Mateusz Pietrucha

Meatball group:

Marcin Udko
Karolina Surówka
Bartek Kompot

Teacher: Janka Pasternak


4th grade students are divided into 2 competing groups of 3 people with similar competences and commitment. Students will compete with each other in 2 categories, individual and group.

Both groups have the same task. The aim is to complete and acquire knowledge from all lessons from the interdisciplinary block for the fourth grade as quickly as possible and to obtain 6 badges, which are prizes in gamification. To carry out gamification, Ms. Janka created two groups on the BravoMy platform to monitor students’ progress and the flu on the scoreboard. Students will have a full month to complete the task.

Students will be motivated by congratulatory messages appearing in the platform after the end of each lesson, after completing 3 subsequent lessons, a graphic badge related to the covered topics will appear in the student’s profile.

Mrs. Janka also used the downloadable materials and printed an achievement poster, which she will attach to the magnetic board in the classroom and every day she will move the magnetic boards with students’ names and number of points so that their effort is visible to everyone in the class, which will support students’ extrinsic motivation through healthy competition. Mrs. Janka also printed sheets with badge stickers and will give them to students when particular badges appear in their profiles.

The winning team will win the right to choose a healthy snack that will be served during the summary lesson, during which students will be awarded diplomas, the patterns of which are available for download in the teacher’s section of the BravoMy platform.